Thursday, March 24, 2011


It was a Tuesday. Not a Tuesday of note, just your average ordinary Tuesday. However it was, in fact, the Tuesday on which one Suzie Carmichael was certain something spectacular would happen. Suzie put on her favorite everyday dress along with her most comfortable boots and a brilliant scarf and then Suzie did it. The unthinkable. Suzie slipped on her rose colored glasses and stepped out into the day. The most fantastical Tuesday that would ever be. That’s what Suzie had decided. Suzie had been told to be careful with the rose colored glasses. That they were okay for sometimes, but not for all the time and certainly not for an entire day. That’s what they’d said, but on that particular Tuesday Suzie decided not to listen to them. Who were they anyway? Those people who spent all their time saying things about what people should and shouldn’t do rather than doing something themselves. Suzie wasn’t interested in hearing any more of those people talking. No. Suzie had no time for such nonsense. For Suzie, life was about doing things not talking about doing things or, even worse, not doing things at all; so if putting on a pair of rose colored glasses for an entire day was truly a bad idea, she would find that out for herself… and Suzie was quite sure, as she stood on her front porch at the break of day looking out into the wonder she new it would bring, that she already had the answer. photo courtosey of SUZIE’S ROSE COLORED GLASSES awgryphon©

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