Thursday, March 3, 2011


Caroline wandered down an alley and came around a corner to a door. A painted blue door with an old, crafted copper handle leading to where, she didn’t know. Caroline was an average girl with an average background and an average life full of dreams beyond Wonderland and aspirations of creative endeavors that extended to the ends of the earth. Beside the landscape of Caroline’s ordinary every day life the painted blue door excited her. The mystery. The possibilities… The idea of what might be on the other side of it drew her closer. There was no sign, no number, no indication whatsoever of where the door might lead to or why it was painted or who had been behind its creation. It was such a simple door in such an ordinary setting with just a sparkle of something different. That’s what intrigued Caroline. It was extraordinary, but accessible. It was right there in front of her doing all that it could to invite her in. All that Caroline had to do was open the door. People passed by and cars cut through the alley, one after another, as Caroline stood contemplating. Could it be that there was no fear on the other side of that door? No rules? No judgment? Maybe there was an adventure just waiting for her to begin on the other side. Maybe walking though that door would be the start of all her dreams coming true. But what if that wasn’t it? What if there was something awful on the other side of the door? Something that might hurt her? Something that seemed wonderful and amazing that invited her in only to destroy her in the end? Or what if she opened the door and all she found on the other side of it was an average, ordinary room hidden behind a misleading and wondrous door? Was opening the door really a chance worth taking she wondered. Alice became tired of watching. She’d been on the other side of the door peering out at Caroline for quite some time. She’d been excited about Caroline and she’d been excited for the possibilities awaiting her, but Alice realized that too much time had passed; that all she could do was move on with her own adventure and hope that Caroline would begin hers. Perhaps someone else would find themselves looking out on the door when Caroline finally decided to walk through. Perhaps not. Alice had done all that she could do. The invitation had been sent it only needed to be accepted and that was up to Caroline. Alice turned away from the door, Caroline never having realized she was there… And Caroline stood contemplating as people passed by and cars cut through the alley, one after another… Please Open awgryphon© Photo courtesy of

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