Friday, March 11, 2011


Landry had felt a transcendental connection to water for as long as she could remember. The fluidity, the calm nature it surrounds us with, the force it brings. For her, the element offered a boundless power that moved like nothing else and defined both life and death, love and hate, peace and destruction. It was the core of life itself. Whether it was a raging storm or a delicate fountain, water affected Landry. It made her who she was.

For years Landry followed the water. She let it hypnotize her; call her at will. It controlled her in many ways. It was something Landry welcomed, not because she wanted to be controlled, but because she knew that she was a part of something so much larger than human kind. She was different, knowing, and still walked among us. Landry blended into civilization, just like anyone else… until the moment everything changed and Landry realized how much she affected the entity of water.

Landry had influence. A connection. A god-like capability that she had been born with, but which had been hibernating within her subconscious until the night she stood on the Cliffs of Mohr in a ferocious down pour that swept the sea miles into the sky and attacked the earth with its will. Landry basked in the rain, holding her own against the wind and sea, while the life surrounding her took cover, waiting for the roar of the world to end. And then in the swarm of a tornado, Landry was catapulted into her true self and forever became one with the rain, the sea and the water that surrounds us.

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